Tapestries Group 

for Bereaved Parents...

Healing is our birthright.

Are you one who shuns a compliment? Is it hard for you to acknowledge the things that you deserve?Every man has a place in God's story. A final sacrifice was made to offer us reconciliation with our creator. We come into this inheritance before our earthly death; if we choose. Once we make the decision to walk with the Lord, "Healing Becomes Our Birthright".  

Our creator knows we live in a broken world. We need a savior. We need a healer. We need a counselor and we need a comforter. When tragedy strikes and it will, we'll need to be certain that healing is our birthright. 

There is an order towards stepping into this new awareness. You must connect with a healing mindset. You must persevere through adversity. Character must be reshaped; and when hope comes it doesn't disappoint.